Volksbank Immobilien GmbH awarded twice

Volksbank Immobilien

Volksbank Immobilien GmbH awarded twice

Volksbank Immobilien GmbH from Öhringen has a reason to celebrate. The company has received two awards from DIQP Deutsches Institut für Qualitätsstandards und -prüfung e.V. (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing). In addition to the award as “Top Employer (DIQP)”, this also includes the award of the “Top Service (DIQP)” seal. Both awards were given the rating “very good”.

The basis for the DIQP awards was an independent employee survey for the “Top Employer (DIQP)” employer seal and a customer survey for the “Top Service (DIQP)” service seal. Both surveys were conducted by the independent certification company SQC-QualityCert and evaluated according to DIQP standards.

In contrast to other seals, the Top Employer (DIQP) award and the Top Service (DIQP) service seal were awarded the rating “highly recommended” by the independent consumer platform Label-online.de.

The consumer platform evaluates labels according to a standardized matrix. It examines, for example, what claim a label formulates, how independent its award is, what controls are provided and how transparent this process is for consumers. The Label-online consumer platform is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV).

“According to the customer survey, Volksbank Immobilien GmbH offers excellent service and also a high level of customer satisfaction. In addition, the company has shown in the employee survey to be a real top employer. We are very pleased about the very good result and congratulate the entire team of Volksbank Immobilien GmbH” says Oliver Scharfenberg, the managing director of SQC-QualityCert.

The managing director of Volksbank Immobilien GmbH, Jörg Thollembeek adds “We are very proud of the result of the customer and the employee survey and are very happy about the two certifications”.

Volksbank Immobilien GmbH is a subsidiary of Volksbank Hohenlohe eG. The company focuses on personality, individual consulting, fairness, transparency as well as a partnership at eye level. In addition to supra-regional real estate sales, the company’s activities also include the areas of property development and private financing as well as a broker academy for training and further education.