"ESPECIALLY RECOMMENDED" says Label-online.de about many seals of the DIQP

Employer seals, service seals and sustainability seals

Employer seals, service seals and sustainability seals can help you attract skilled workers, increase the quality of goods and services, reduce costs and optimize productivity.
We conduct anonymous employee and customer surveys and are the official certification body of DIQP (Deutsches Institut für Qualitätsstandards und -prüfung e.V.). This independent non-profit institute develops various quality standards for Germany. We offer certification based on these standards.
These standards include various employer seals such as "Top Employer (DIQP)", "Top Training Company (DIQP)" or "Family-friendly Employer (DIQP)".
But our portfolio also includes certification with service seals such as "Top Service (DIQP)" or "Tested Service Quality (DIQP)". In addition, we also offer certification with the sustainability seals "Sustainable Company (DIQP), "Tested Sustainability (DIQP)" and the seal for climate neutrality "Climate Neutral Company (DIQP).


The employer seals of the DIQP help you to identify the wishes of your employees by means of an employee survey and at the same time communicate the satisfaction of your employees with your company.


DIQP’s sustainability seal evaluates the economic, environmental and social sustainability of companies, providing guidance on the path to more sustainable consumption.


DIQP’s service seals help you identify customer needs through customer surveys and at the same time communicate customer satisfaction with your company.


Many quality seals from the DIQP Deutsches Institut für Qualitätsstandards und -prüfung e.V. (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing) have been designated as ESPECIALLY RECOMMENDED by the independent consumer plattform Label-online.de. The consumer portal evaluates labels according to transparent criteria and is funded by the german Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV). A label can receive a maximum of 12 points. This then corresponds to the rating “ESPECIALLY RECOMMENDED”.

Many companies rely on DIQP certification. Here you can find an overview of other companies.


We help companies to attract specialists and managers, to increase the quality of goods and services, to reduce costs and to optimize productivity. To do this, we conduct employee surveys and customer surveys and offer certification according to DIQP standards.


In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers we support you to keep your existing employees in your company and to recruit new employees more easily. We help you to find out the wishes and needs of your employees with an employee survey. >>>


We carry out customer surveys for you and help you to discover weak points in customer relationships and to identify customer wishes in a targeted manner. An independent customer survey also supports you in optimizing customer service. >>>


We help you to optimize the service quality by mystery analyses. Trained test persons record your experiences in standardized survey protocols. >>>


Together with our partners from all over Germany we conduct various competitions in the areas of employer attractiveness and service quality. >>>


Within the framework of target-oriented market research, we provide answers that are useful and help you to make the right decisions >>>.


As a certification company of the DIQP (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing) and offer certification with employer seals, service seals and sustainability seals. >>>

We support you on the way to a  employer seal, service seal or sustainablity seal of the:

More information about DIQP (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing)

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