Climate-neutral tax consultant from Moers awarded as “Climate-neutral company

Andreas Schollmeier

Climate-neutral tax consultant from Moers awarded as “Climate-neutral company

The tax consultant Andreas Schollmeier from Moers, has received the certification of the DIQP (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing) as a “Climate Neutral Company (DIQP)” with the rating “very good” for his commitment of environmental protection.

The basis for the award as a climate-neutral company was a multi-stage process. In the first step on the way to becoming a climate-neutral company, the existing greenhouse gas emissions of the tax firm were determined on the basis of the internationally recognized GHG Protocol.

Three areas were taken into account, namely direct, indirect and, in some cases, other indirect emissions. These include, for example, greenhouse gas emissions that result from the generation of electrical energy or those that are attributable to emissions from heating systems or, for example, vehicles. But also the travel of employees to the workplace was taken into account, as well as the paper consumption in the office.

Andreas Schollmeier focuses first and foremost on avoiding greenhouse gas emissions in order to make a sustainable contribution to climate protection. Thus one sets strengthened on the topic digitization and offers software solutions to private people and entrepreneurs, with which the complete commercial process is digitized and archived.

However, since a 100% avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions is not possible, the remaining, currently unsaved greenhouse gas emissions were compensated in a climate protection project according to the DIQP standard for climate-neutral companies.

A project was selected that meets the Gold Standard. This standard is considered one of the strictest certification standards worldwide. Since it is not relevant for the climate at which point on the planet emissions are released, compensation measures are suitable as long as they are additional measures.

The team of tax consultant Andreas Schollmeier from Moers consists of more than ten employees and has already received the award as “Climate Neutral Company (DIQP)” in 2020. With the renewed certification, they continue their commitment to climate protection.

In addition, the company had an independent survey of its employees conducted in 2020 and received the award as “Top Arbeitgeber (DIQP)” and the rating “very good”. Currently, the company is still looking for reinforcements in the form of tax consultants (m/f/d), payroll assistants (m/f/d) on a full/part-time basis and tax assistants (m/f/d) / tax specialists (m/f/d) on a full/part-time basis.

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